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    Smile Is fixing my old iBook worth the money?
    Hi, I have an old iBook (Late 2001) 600mz 128mb of ram. I got about $200 for xmas and I was thinking of fixing up my laptop. I found on ebay: a new keyboard (my Q key is taped on lol) for $20, and 256mb ram stick for $20 and a new charger for $15. And after I fixed it I was going to install panther on it. The reason I need a semi good laptop is because I play guitar in a band and everytime I go to my drummers house the only way I can record his drums is to record it on my cell phone, plus I need it for school. So can you guys tell me if its worth it and if panther can run with 128+256mb sticks? If I need more I can spend an extra $30 and get 2 256 sticks. Thanks in advanced!!!!

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    The only advice I would give you is not to spend too much fixing it up. A machine that old is bound to develop other problems along the way, so spending a lot of money would be wasteful. If you can get it up and running mechanically for $50 or so, go for it.

    I'm not sure how much memory Panther needs, but you can find out easy enough from the Apple KB.


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    There is 384MB in my wife's iBook G3 500 Dual USB and it is "decent" with Panther. Horrible with Tiger.

    Nice South Park reference in your name, BTW.

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    Panther can definitely run under 384 MB, and run very well. (I've got Tiger running on 256 on one of my iBooks, and it's still decent)

    That little machine is still very useful for many things, and I think if you upgrade/fix it and give it a little love, it well serve your needs perfectly.
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    Thanks everybody for the input, I will definitely be upgrading it, it never had any problems with it before and hopefully I wont in the future.

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