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    Disc Size vs CD Drive
    Hey all, got an iBook G4. Don't think the rest of the specs matter. Will my CD-R /DVD drive accept 3" DVDs? It's the sort where you slide it into the machine, no tray. I don't want to cram one in there and have it get stuck. Thanks.

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    absolutely not.

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    No, don't try it, you won't get it out again


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    It's possible that it will work - I did it a few times with my Mac mini (which also has a slot loading drive) before I learned it could damage the drive or get stuck, and it was still fine.

    But, the chances are in favor of it getting stuck or something, so I wouldn't do it again. And you probably shouldn't either, unless you feel very lucky.

    (Seriously, don't. It's not worth the risk if you use the drive a lot.)
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