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    Late 2008 Macbook Pro: Games are crashing
    i have a problem with the macbook pro. i installed windows xp 86x with service pack 3 on my new macbook pro 2.53 ghz and installed also some games like fallout 3, dead space and cod: waw... And everytime my macbook gets really hot and after 10-20mins. firstly the sound doesnt work and than the game crashes...i tried the bootcamp-driver, the new driver of nividia and a custom 180.48 driver...always the same problem...i installed also the efi and smc update...
    Can anyone help me? thanks

    sry, for my bad english.

    update: not only games are crashing, other graphic hungry things are crashing, when my macbook pro is very hot...i tried to watch a videoclip on youtube and firefox was crashing...then i tried the same with safari and again the same problem...

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    I would make sure both fans are working istat pro will give you all the fan
    speeds and temps of your cpu, gpu ,heat-sinks and base obviously something
    is running very hot.

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