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Thread: OWC Ram for MBP

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    Question OWC Ram for MBP

    I've had a MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz for about 1 1/2 years now and I only have 1 GB of ram. I was hoping to upgrade, and I was looking at Other World Computing's website, and I saw I can get up to 4 GB of ram, which is about what I want. I know how to install it and everything, I was just wondering if it is a good idea to buy the ram from a third party, because I don't want to put it in and then start up the computer and have non-working ram.

    So what I'm asking is two-fold
    1) is it a good idea to trust third-party ram, especially from OWC (like has anyone done it before)
    2) does anyone have any suggestions of other places to get the ram, or if I should get OWC ram or Samsung ram or something like that.


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    Imo third party ram is not a bad idea. Crucial has pretty good memory but I havent heard anything about OWC.

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    a couple of weeks ago i watched my friend upgrade his unibody macbooks ram, i complimented his a** all the way through the install for being so brave (of course i wouldnt even have thought about doing this myself and not have anyone else to blame in case something goes wrong, but that was before i saw how easy it was)... anyway, soon as he closed everything and made sure no screws were missing he turned it on and there on about this mac were the four gigs, i thought that was just great, mostly because i had seen someone upgrading ram on a pc desktop and they had to go to that blue screen on startup to set it up, and i had just assumed it was the same with every computer out there. so thats great about the macbooks.

    so. this has to do with your question because he bought the two 2 gig sticks from owc (OtherWorldComputing, im assuming theres only one OWC) for like 90 bucks. and they came with customized installation instructions for the macbook he specifically had, the pictures resembled exactly what we were seeing when the lids were off.

    however, owc: great (im not much of a build-your-own-computer kind of guy, so i dont know many manufacturers, but the instruction sheet made it for me.

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    A great place to check out is - some of the best prices around for Ram. You also don't need 'Apple Certified' ram or anything, all they do is re-badge it and sell it for way more then it's worth.

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    I never heard of OWC.

    crucial can be trusted
    Newegg, tigerdirect, frys are good also.

    Amazon also

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    I have used OWC for my macbook pro and for a friend's iMac. Works wonders, I will get all my mac ram from there in the future.
    Mac4Life (with a PC gaming rig as well)

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    I bought RAM from NewEgg. It had a lifetime warranty. Several years later a stick went bad. Of course the receipt was long gone, but I did an email search for 'newegg' in my Outlook and actually found the original email with the confirmation number from my original order. I emailed them, and sure enough, they sent out a new stick, no questions asked!

    Don't but RAM from Apple. They don't manufacture it anyway. They just buy it from other companies and mark it up. I can vouch for the fact that NewEgg honors their lifetime warranty even years later.

    Others seem to often prefer Crucial, which specializes in Apple RAM. Their prices are usually comparable. You should have no problems either way.

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    OWC is first class, are Mac specialist and offer lifetime guarantees with their memory. Even here down under, cannot beat OWC's price and service.

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