I was just reading a thread on another site and people are saying that it'd be a while before anyone saw a Core i7 in a notebook because of all the heat the i7 gives off. Some even said that the i7 would need a heat sink the size of the laptop. What I'm trying to understand is when will Quad-Core processors be standard in Macbooks? Will that happen by next year?

It will most likely be in the Mac Pro and/or Servers in some shape or form. Will a brother to the i7 come to Macbooks? I'll be getting a Macbook next September/October, whenever the second refresh is. One thing that I want is a Quad-Core processor; whether it is a Core i7 or Core 2 Quad it doesn't really matter to me. I probably won't need that much power now but I will need it in the near future so I'll get it now. When will it come though?