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benjohnson 01-29-2005 06:14 AM

Expose crashing iBook?
Right, I've currently got an iBook G4 1.33GHz , so its not exactly bad.
The one problem is though that expose continues to crash my computer. It's usually when I have a few programs running at the same time, such as Safari, iTunes, MSN Messenger, Limewire. That's what crashed it just now.

I've got expose set up so that when I hover over the bottom left corner it shows all open apps. However, quite often expose doesn't work, and causes the dock to crash. Is there any reason for this? Can I restart the dock or expose in any way? Or am I using too many programs at the same time?

Thanks for anything, Ben

benjohnson 01-31-2005 02:01 PM


ed724 02-08-2005 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by benjohnson

How much RAM do you have?

stevieb 02-08-2005 11:22 PM

Even by running those problems, you shouldn't really be maxing out the RAM enough to crash. If you only have 256mb you should definatly upgrade to 512mb at least. But I think you have some sort of other problem...

benjohnson 02-09-2005 02:02 PM

I've got 768mb RAM, so I really don't get it. It's stopped happening recently, not sure whether it was something I was doing at the time, or something I'm doing now, but it all seems to have smoothed itself out.

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