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    HELP Macbook Pro Freezing!
    HELP! I bought a MacBook Pro a couple of days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far except for one critical problem. When I play a 3D application it will randomly lock up the computer and force me to do a hardware reboot.

    I have a Macbook Pro with a 2.5 ghz intel core 2 duo processor and a Geforce 8600M GT.

    I have downloaded and installed SMC fan control and used it to officially eliminate over heating as a culprit. The laptop never goes above 65 C in the most intense games not to mention the fact that sometimes it will freeze after several minutes of play and sometimes it will freeze instantly. I have reformatted and reinstalled OSX and upgraded to the latest OSX and nothing has fixed it.

    I have heard of OpenGL problems with my video card so I am thinking that might be the most likely problem.

    Any help would be awesome. If I can't get it resolved worse case scenario I will run it to an Apple store to get fixed/replaced or ship it in to get replaced seeing as I bought it refurbed and it is well under warranty.


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    Having a single app crash is not indicative of anything wrong with your machine. Telling us what the app is would help a lot more toward anyone trying to provide you with help. Am assuming it is a game.

    First, make sure you have the latest patches for the app.

    The second thing to do, if that app has a windowed mode instead of full screen, use that while troubleshooting. At least then you'll have access to being able to shut down the app rather than requiring you to re-boot.

    Next, go into that games video functions and turn them down a notch at a time until you can get it to run properly. Or better yet, start at the lowest settings and tweak them up until you run into the issue.

    Also, hit the tech support area or forums for the particular game. Good place to find what others are doing and it may be a known issue the developers are working on.
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    I am having a problem that is somewhat similar; when I turn on my computer i get about five minutes and then the whole thing freezes, i have an ibook g4 standard, but it has the newest operating system 10.5 and when i start my computer it says "system shutdown because mac osX quit unexpectedly"
    Can anybody help, please?

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