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    Damaged headphone port
    I was listening to music on my headphones and when I turned around to grab my cell phone I accidentally put too much pressure over the plug, so now I can only hear sound from the left channel. I'm going to take the MacBook to an authorized service provider on Monday. Does anyone know if it is possible for them to replace only the headphone port or is it necessary replace the logic board?

    (I bought a brand new headphone and the problem remains, so it is a problem with the port. Also, looking inside the port, I noticed that the top metal contact is slightly higher than the one inside the line-in port.)

    Thanks a lot.

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    Have you tried to repair it yourself? It may be that when you accidently pulled on the headphones you bent the inside contact on the jack. There are three contacts: Left channel, Right Channel, Ground. If you're careful, you may be able to reach in the headphone jack and bend the contact slightly so that it once again lines up with the headphone male plug when inserted.


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    You're probably right, the top contact seems to fit to the right-channel contact of the plug (middle). I tried to fix it but I couldn't reach the contact and I figured out that maybe doing this could make the problem worse. Everything else is fine, even the red light and the automatic mute switching from internal speakers to headphones and vice-versa.

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