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    Powerbook vs. MBP
    hey guys,
    i have owned a few macbook pros and i like them alot but i have bought an imac so i don't have enough money to get a mbp but i need a laptop for offloading my hvx200 footage... i am looking at a powerbook and i simply do not know what i need to pay attention to. can someone tell me what i will be losing by buying a powerbook instead of a mbp???

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    I'm assuming the footage is transferred via FireWire?

    I transfer DV video via FW to my PB 1.33 GHz 12" with no problems. I just hit Import and walk away until it's done.

    Basically you'd be losing rendering speed if you chose to edit the video on a PowerBook. Do you know any one that has a PowerBook that you can test the transfer?

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    nah, i don't have one to test... but i appreciate the input...

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