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    I am just wondering how careful the general user is with his or her notebook. Some people nearly drop there notebooks on the desks (only seen for old junky PCs) while others treat there notebook like its a fragile glass sculpture about to break. Please give any input.

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    It's all about priorities - personally, my computer contains all of my personal information, photos, movies, music, and other very important documents for school - thus you will never catch me tossing my machine carelessly around on my desk. Just use good judgment and be sure not to inadvertently damage your Mac - for obvious reasons - VOID OF WARRANTY!!

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    Well any notebook, especially one made by Apple, is no small investment, so I tend to treat mine with a certain degree of care. I put mine in a drawer at night so the cats don't knock it off the table, and generally am gentle about setting it down, closing the screen, etc. Just use common sense and treat it as you would any $1k plus investment.

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    My new MBP sits on my desk at home (right at the back as far away from the edge as possible!!) most of the time with it's magsafe power cord plugged in unless I am moving around the house. If I'm walking around with it it gets closed (InsomniaX 2) and if it ventures outside it goes into my gorgeous Tucano Second Skin folder which I absolutely love. My machine is worth around £1,300 and even though I only paid £300 for it I treat it with so much care.

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    In my opinion you'll really enjoy your machine more if you don't over protect it. I've seen some cases where people are just way too paranoid about their mac. (I was for about a month or two).

    i usually do a monthly cleaning of data and the actual macbook.

    blackbooks look sexy after a good cleaning

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