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    15" G4 Powerbook right palm rest triggering power button.
    Hello everyone,

    I am writing to ask if anyone has had this problem with their Powerbook.

    The problem I'm having is that when I place pressure on the right palm rest above the Superdrive, eg. when typing, the Powerbook displays a message asking me if I wanted to Restart, Sleep, Cancel or Shutdown the computer!

    At times when I'm in chat, when I'm typing messages, I would press Enter quite frequent thus I inadvertantly Shutdown my computer!!

    This problem occurs more often and easier when the laptop heats up. When cool, strong pressure has to be applied and has to be in the right speaker grill. However, when the laptop has been on for like 4-6hours and gets hot, just the normal weight of my hand is required to trigger it, even from the area above the Superdrive.

    May I know if anyone else has this problem? And if I can do anything about it without bringing back to Apple because I really need my laptop at the moment.

    Thanks heaps in advance.


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    Are you sure your Powerbook didn't get knocked around so that the power button is a little off center so that when you place pressure in that area the button is being pressed because it is off-center??

    Just curious as I haven't heard anything like this before.
    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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    Go have it checked by apple. Never heard of such an issue before. Pretty odd.

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    Thanks for your replies. I have taken so much care of the PB that it's worrying my parents

    Nah.. I haven't dropped it.

    I will take it into the Apple shop when I am not in urgent need for it. Right now, I guess I'll have to be careful when I press enter


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