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    MacBook Unibody Trackpad Post Patch Issues
    I have the new MacBook Al unibody with the trackpad patch installed. I am still having poor trackpad performance similar to those described by many users prior to installing the patch. I even downloaded and installed the patch again to make sure I had it and I did. I really like this machine, my first mac, but the trackpad is driving me crazy.

    Is there anyone else that is STILL having trackpad click issues AFTER installing the firmware patch?


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    I never really experienced the issue. I had some trouble getting use to the trackpad but after a week I was ok. What issues are you experiencing?
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    I am experiencing many of the issues people were having prior to the patch. Every 50 taps or so the trackpad doesn't respond for two or three taps. Other times there is a noticeable lag after a tap before registering. Sometimes when I tap once it will lock on like I double clicked.

    I thought it at first it was me being not familiar with a new trackpad but I've had it for a while now and I'm certain it's not me. I really like the notebook but the non-registering clicks is really bugging me.

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