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    ibook g4 questions
    alright so i'm new here i just bought my first mac an ibook g4 1.2ghz 768mb, 60gig hdd etc, so far i love it its awesome plan to get a 1gig chip of ram here in a week but my first question is i like the way leopard looks but will my ibook be able to run it and not be slow seems like it is alot more demanding then tiger, and my next question is whats some programs that are nice to have on here? just wondering cause i got this thing for 320$ cause i didnt wanna spend 1700$ on a new one and not like it and be stuck with it but now i wish i wouldve bought a really good one

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    Yes Leopard will run well on this laptop, but like you say a 1gb RAM module will vastly improve performance. You need DDR PC2100 or PC2700.

    As for apps I would search around here or check the downloads at, there is lots of free stuff available.

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    thanks a bunch i just noticed with tiger there is a bit of hanging in some spots when itunes is running and firefox but i guess more ram would help that so i guess i need to just go ahead and buy a 1gig chip

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    also one last question i seen on ebay a 160gig hdd for ibook g4's is that the biggest you can go to? cause i would probably upgrade to 160gig when i go to Leopard cause 60gig is filling up fast with music/video/pictures =]

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