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Thread: Display Problem

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    Display Problem
    I've got a PowerBook G4 12". Left it on the coffee table and my 1 year old son got to it. now the screen is super sized, the cursor/mouse arrow takes up the entire screen. I tried going into system preferences/displays, but can't get it to zoom out w/ changing the resolution. is there some sort of zoom short cut that will fix this? it's next to impossible to get around the screen to see anything. help!

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    hmm, thats weird.. its funny how much damage they can do in such little time.. and you've already tried bringing it back to a normal resolution, that's pretty weird.. sorry couldn't help but little bump to the top!

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    More likely the little and accidentally activated zooming

    Go to system preferences > Universal Access and turn off zooming, if you cannot see it try command alt - (minus) to zoom out
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