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Thread: Getting rid of Black Mark

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    Getting rid of Black Mark
    Ever since I've had my macbook (and the incase case), there has been a black graphite-like mark that has accumulated near the left edge. I carry my laptop with me a lot to the library in my black case, so I suppose that is what is causing the mark. I usually can erase a little of the mark, but there is always a large black stain that remains there... I've tried using water and some cleaners, but it hasn't been able to come off yet. Does anyone have this problem and what can I do to get rid of the mark?

    Here is a picture of the mark
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: img0744rk7.jpg

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    Try isopropyl alcohol. That stuff does wonders cleaning my screen on both my Mac and my iPhone. You might want to dilute it first but if you have tried other cleaners you might not want to. You also might want to wash your incase flipped inside out to prevent thing from happening in the future.

    I know people have had success with the Mr.Clean Eraser with the white Macbook so you could try that out of desperation. If it doesn't go away, you need to look closely at it and see whether it's a scuff or a stain. If it's a stain, you're SOL.

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