This is my first post in here I've lurked quite a bit in the past... I need some insight...

Black Macbook 2.0ghz..

So, I don't wanna talk about how this happened... its annoying enough. All you need to know is that the computer ended up closed, battery drained, sitting in a puddle on the carpet, as I slept in bed.

After being cleaned and dried out, the computer fortunately turned on.

As it is now, the green light on the ac adapter is always on, there is an X in the battery icon on the screen, and it doesn't charge the battery. When the battery has power, it WILL power the computer, even though the computer hasn't recognized a battery. The battery is almost brand new, and holds a great charge(when charged in another macbook).

I've done all the SMC and PMU resets to no avail.

Anyone have any clue what it is that is fried and what it would cost to fix it?

I'm afraid it wouldn't be worth getting fixed, in which case I'm going to just start using this as a desktop machine and get a new laptop. This isn't the end of the world because I am in need of a desktop anyway.

Some insight and or suggestions would be great.