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    New Powerbook Owner (Happy) questions...
    Just want to say hi to everyone. I just recently went through an ordeal with an iBook and dead pixels on a powerbook. (Check the ibook forum- IBOOK SCREEN BEND). but now i am a proud owner of a 12" powerbook!!! yay!

    Just want to ask everyone a few questions...

    1. anything new i should know with my powerbook (first ever)

    2. i want a really good slick sleeve case...suggestions??

    3. i just ordered this ram ... any good???

    4. Does anyone run the hack so you can shut the powerbook lid down without it going to sleep? i heard this is really bad to do with a ibook. but how bout a powerbook???

    Thanks for everyones help and i look forward to contributing!!!


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    I don't have a powerbook yet. But here is something I am ordering:
    I can't help you with anything else because I suck like that.

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    I have that sleeve for my 17inch pb and love it.

    I would not run your powerbook with the lid closed, they get very hot with the lid open and if the lid was closed I think they would tend to overheat!

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    To close the powerbook and keep it on, all you have to do is connect a USB keyboard and mouse, connect a seperate monitor and they you go! but i still wouldnt to it to a PowerBook as it can get very hot just sitting there! if you can, try and get a stand of some sort to help cool the book down.

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    thanks for the help,

    got myself a tucano case. mainly cause i could have it overnighted cheap from great case. (love neoprene) My ram seems to be decent ram. Performance jumped alot after the addition of 512... Must say i love my powerbook, so glad i upgraded to it from the iBook...


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    I run my 1.33GHz 12inch PB closed all day long sometimes with no issues. Just make sure it is on a hard flat surface. If it is a concern elevate the back with something to increase airflow.

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    I have a Radtech and whilst it's a little tight, it really is nice. A bit over-expensive considering it's just a shaped microfiber cloth, but again... it's nice.

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    i have the same case, it is really good quality. Its even made in Italy.

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