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    G4 Powerbook please owners look in
    Hi yesterday i purchased a new G4 15" Powerbook, I'm loving it so except for when the fan kicks in, its a lot louder than i expected it would be, it doesnt make a normal fan whooshing noise, i can actually hear the bearings on the fan as it spins, is this normal.?

    The noise seems to be coming from the top left hand side of the keyboard.

    I dont want to take it back if i am going to get one thats the same as this one is free from dead pixels and knowing my luck the replacement wouldnt be.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    If your near the store where you purchased it then go and bring your powerbook and set it side by side to another to compare fan noise.

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    The short quick answer is....maybe. Depends on what you call...LOUD! haha...just joking.

    The real answer is that NO ITS NOT NORMAL. Apple fans are really high grade cpu fans that rarely if ever make a whole lot of noise. You will ONCE IN A WHILE notice that it will kick in if its not well ventalated, but it shouldnt be too loud. Take it to the store and have the genius look at it.

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    Shouldn't hear the bearings, on my 12" you can just head the whoosh of the air on the occasion that it spins up. IMO take it wherever it came from. (I know the rattle you mean, my PC's notorious IC7-Max3 fan has it and it isn't healthy)

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    I wish I could say my powermac G4 is nice and quiet. It has to be the loudest desktop I've ever heard. At least they've gotten WAY better with the G5.

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