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    strange hdd activity after firmware update?

    I have just updated the SMC (1.2) and EFI (1.6) firmware (through SoftwareUpdate) and now I have the feeling as if the HDD is behaving strangely...

    Every 30secs or so it seems to spin up a bit, making a noise very much like a fan with a very soft click (dont yet think there is something wrong with the HDD, but making backups anyway...). It seems as if some power management got screwed up.

    Anyone experienced something similar?


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    You might have to reset the PRAM and NVRAM. Give that a try and see if it resolves the unusual HDD noises.

    Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM

    If that doesn't help, it may be coincidental, but it could be the HDD is developing problems. Very wise making a backup.


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