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    Angry Network printing Windows and Mac
    OK I may be doing something stupid but I cant think of what it is.

    I have a nice new Mac Book Pro and all works fine. However I'm trying to make it print over my existing network to a PC (XP Pro) that has a printer I use for simple document printing. Printer is shared and full permissions are granted to all users.

    The problem is that I can see the printer ( an Epson D92 ) over the network. I can even see the print queue, but the printer simply fails to print anything sent to it from the Mac. Both Mac and PC have drivers installed. Printing from a local printer connected to the Mac Book works fine ( Epson R300).

    The print queue simply says the print job has been stopped. It fails to restart when commanded too. Printing from a PC laptop over the network no problems.

    I can communicate with the PC. Read / Write files to it

    It's no big deal as I can use the R300, but it's annoying I can't get it to work. Any suggestions??

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    Feb 24, 2010
    OK our school district has just moved into the MAC World. All of our teachers have MAC books with Intel processors. We are on Novell NetWare 6.5. HP printers are on the network, ethernet. We have teachers that print to the printers connected to an ethernet connection but the print jobs either never print or print a couple of days later. Now this does not happen all the time and it is not on a certain time of the day it is just random.
    I really need some help if anyone can help me.


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