Alright so my problem is that my MBPro won't read burned DVDR's. I got a copy of Windows Vista on a DVDR and am trying to use bootcamp to install it, except it is recognized as a blank DVDR though I know there is information on it. I've tested it on other machines and it works fine. My laptop stopped reading all DVDs after installing an OS update from 10.5; but I doubt that has anything to do with my problem. I cleaned the lens with one of those cleaner discs, and now it will read DVD's, just not burned DVDRs. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to fix this? Could it be the brand of DVDRs?

The computer is about 16 months old, and has already had a number of problems already,(screen went black [was replaced], battery crapped out early [was replaced]) and now this crap is happening. I have applecare (always a must) so if anything I can just get the superdrive replaced...

EDIT*** - The DVD-R's seem to read but DVD+R's won't... I wonder if this is because the superdrive is breaking or....?

Thanks for any help!