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    Unhappy HDTV will not show my movie! Help!
    Hi, I have just recently purchased the mini DVI-to-DVI adapter and a DVI to HDMI digital video cable so that I can watch movie from Netflix through my macbook. The connection is easy to do but my HDTV only showing the wallpaper on my desktop. How do I get the movie started?

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    Sounds like you have the extended desktop option checked. Connect yours 2nd display and open System Preferences > Displays > Check "Shows displays in menu bar. Now click on the TV screen in the menu bar (top of the screen) and check "mirror desktop".

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    I agree with the extended desktop.

    you can either set the machine to "mirror" the displays, or run with the computer closed (you will need a USB/bluetooth mouse and to have the computer plugged in).


    I discovered the other day that most programs will display content (movies, or slideshows) on the monitor where they are initiated. I dragged the window for iPhoto to the TV and suddenly the TV was the one showing the slide show. The same thing happened for a Quicktime movie.


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