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    Technicolor Screen
    So basically for a week or so my screen would change colors off and on(its mainly purple and green)....i would tap it and it would turn back to normal...Well saturday it stayed and wont go back to normal..So i made a Genius bar appointment...They say that my Logic board is the issue...

    My questions to those on this Forum..

    1) Has this ever happen to anyone else?

    2) If so what was the cause?

    Please Help...

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    i've heard of things like that, but not exactly that. my guess would have been the connector for the monitor cable to the logic board. and it could still be that. but it will still require someone opening the case and checking it out. hopefully they do check the cable before just swapping the whole logic board - that would be a much cheaper fix.

    is it still under warranty or apple care?
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    Thanks for the response eric..Unfortunately its not under warranty or Apple care...They said it would be 280 for the fix..The genius bar employee didnt mention the cable at all thanks for that tidbit...Im a native of Minneasota as well..Minneapolis...GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    same thing happened to my macbook pro, except the screen died after a while of having weird color issues. ALWAYS get apple care, these laptops always have problems and it'll save you a bunch of money.

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