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    Unhappy Brightness on my new Macbook differs from another new Macbook! Help :(
    My mother and I got the exact same Macbook. We both got the more expensive one where the keyboard lights up. Anyway, I was just comparing mine to hers and her screen is a lot brighter and whiter than mine. Before you ask, yes my settings are exactly the same as hers and my brightness button is all the way to the top. I was even playing around with the Display Calibrator to see if that would help. Still her computer shows websites like this one for example as pure white. Mine is a tad on the creamy color side. I guess mine is defective? Is there anything I can do or should I return it to the Apple store for another? I'm very upset Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Are the colors different, or is it just less bright? If it's just less bright, it may not be a defect.
    Sometimes the ambient light sensor will schedule the display differently from other computers.

    1.) System preferences --> Displays --> Uncheck "Automatically Adjust Brightness as ambient light changes"

    2.) Ensure both macbooks are plugged in

    3.) Turn up brightness all the way by holding F2 on both machines.

    4.) Note any difference.

    If it still looks messed up to you, take your to an Apple Store (or Best Buy etc., any place with a Macbook) for a side-by-side comparison check. It should still be under warranty, so even if you didn't get Applecare, you can get a replacement/repair at no cost to you. No reason to get upset.
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    I took my computer back to the Apple store today and they gave me a new one. They looked at my defective computer against two others in the store and they couldn't believe how yellow looking my screen looked. So they gave me a new one and I just finished transferring everything over This new computer looks soooo much brighter! I also noticed that the backlight on the keyboards differed too. I think I just had a bad comp.

    Hopefully now it will be fine

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