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Thread: Macbook and Travel

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Macbook and Travel
    I am going to take fly out for the holidays and thinking of taking my macbook (the latest generation) and was wondering if it is safe to take it through the metal detectors? Should I by a sleeve for it or would they tell me to remove it?

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    Aug 22, 2008
    I know this is not an exciting request but I do really need some advise traveling with an expensive product like the macbook through checking points and metal detectors.

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    I doubt the sleeve will do anything to protect it. Plus they will insist on checking it. I don't like other people touching my stuff with their dirty hands.

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    Yes, they will ask that you remove it from the sleeve. Don't worry though, just put it on top of the sleeve in a separate box thingy and it'll be fine. I've taken my Macbook through several metal detectors (I've done a lot of flying this past year) and I have yet to experience any problems. I think there was only one time that a security officer checked the laptop, every other time I just picked it up at the other end and put it back in my bag and was on my way.

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    It's actually an X-ray machine. Current airline regulations require you to take it out of whatever bag you're carrying it in and put it through the conveyor separately. It won't hurt your laptop a bit. In some countries you're required to start up your computer, but I don't think they're doing this anywhere in the USA.

    Take whatever travel bag you use for your laptop. That's all you need.
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