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    Question new or refurbished?
    I want to buy a macbook pro, I want to know how is the new one?
    is it giving problems, is it compatible with old adobe suites?
    someone told me to buy a refurbished one, how reliable are those.
    Which is better for graphic design??

    Which should I buy??

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    The new MB/MBPs are great! When it comes to graphic design, better specs generally equals better performance. Your biggest limitation is probably your budget.
    Refurbs are anywhere from 10% to 30% cheaper, and they're usually very reliable and indistinguishable from a new model. They're also usually previous generation equipment. It really comes down to which one you like better.
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    I recommend the model before the new one. I have that and I love mine. It's a perfect fit for what I do. Check the sig for my specs. I spent $1700 on mine about a month before the 528mb 2.4's dropped to $1499 or whatever the price is. I don't regret it though. This has been one of the best laptops I've owned (the other was a 17" MBP )
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