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    Exclamation What would you do? Macbook or current PC
    Well, with christmas coming up and everything, here is my story. Please take the time to read and help me out!

    Currently, I have a HP Pavilion a1440n Desktop PC. There is nothing wrong with it at all really. I have a 17'' LCD monitor and I have upgraded the RAM to be 4GB DDR2 RAM. 2.7 Intel Pentium D Core 2 Duo Processor with 200? GB HD with a GeForce 7600GT video card.

    I installed hackintosh (Macintosh basically, just on a windows PC) on it last year and I made it dual boot between Vista and Leopard so it works great. Well, in January I am starting school and going to do something with Graphic Design & MAYBE Video editing. Although I do like to video edit on my desktop, I don't do heavy editing, just a few videos and clips here and there. Anyway, I fell in love with mac so much that I don't want another windows computer. For christmas, my parents are getting everyone laptops and asked if I wanted one. So I mentioned I would like to have a Macbook. I have been checking them out and they are all sharp but I would want the $1599 one, with 2.4 and 2GB DDR3. Now, Is this a bad idea for me? Am I downgrading in anyway? I basically want to be able to do the same stuff on the Macbook as I can on the desktop, maybe just a little faster and sleeker which I know it defiantly will be sleeker, ha. I was also worried about the screen size since I would be going from a 17'' to a 13". I do have a 42" plasma TV though I could hook the macbook up to incase I was looking for a bigger screen for projects for school and such.

    I basically want to be able to use Photoshop no problem, Dreamweaver, etc. Stuff with graphic designing. For Video, I want to be able to use iMovie, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut. Now with the last two, I don't expect it to run GREAT but I would like to be able to use it here and there since I was able to use it with the desktop I installed mac on it so I don't want to lose anything. I think a laptop would be great so I can bring it to class or other places and everything. Seems really cool to lay around the house with it and not just have to be stuck sitting at a desk, idk. Please everyone, tell me what you would do if you were in my situation. Keep it mind, I wouldn't have to buy it or anything, I might help my parents and through a few hundred since it is a lot but I think it might be worth,'s a mac!

    I understand this is a mac forum and you guys all love mac and stuff but please be honest. Is it a waste of money or are the macbooks totally awesome and the way to go?

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    Why not just get the MBP then if you aren't paying for it? The only downside to the MB is that it doesn't have a dedicated Graphic Card and a part of the 2GB of RAM will go to power the Graphic Card.

    You would need to upgrade the RAM to 4GB to have it run smoothly if you plan on doing video editing on a MB. Lets not also forget that the MB doesn't have Firewire. That might be a problem if you do video editing, depending on your camera.

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    Yes you are downgrading going from that desktop to a MacBook.

    If price is an issue, look at the last generation MBPro's and check out the Apple Refurb store. I have not heard anything but good things about their refurb products.
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    How is he downgrading? the core 2 duo processor is far far superior to the pentium D. And to be honest the intergrated nvidia graphics arent behind that 7600 which is an old old nvidia card. Go for it as for deciing between the MB and the MBP i dont really see much difference apart from the extra graphics grunt and all the fuss being made over firewire is a load of hot air.

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    Thanks guys.

    I dunno, it says Intel 2 Duo but the link that has description on the PC says Pentium D.

    I basically wanna clear my space up with this desktop and just sit the laptop on the desk and not lose anything. How is the ram with DDR3. Is the 2GB DDR3 RAM going to be better then the 4GB DDR2 RAM I have in here now?

    The intergrated video card isn't that much worse then the one in my desktop? That's good then. Everything else I'm not to worried about. The screen maybe but I'll get over it.

    What do you guys think?

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