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    MacBook Pro vs. the iMac
    I am one of those all-in-one developer/designer types (more designer than developer) who currently uses an iMac and then runs parallels on a second monitor so that I can use Visual Studio and Outlook (company requirement).

    My company has offered to buy me a macbook pro.... or a new iMac and the larger Apple cinema display to replace my current dell display. I've really grown accustomed to two 24" screens (though my second screen is a dell and I have to use the converter cable). I have the same set up at home an iMac with a second monitor...A MBP plus the cinema is a non-starter because its cost prohibitive. I have used laptops for work before and love the portability because on Sunday afternoon when my dolphins are finally winning I can watch them on the HD tv in the living room and still get some work done.

    I guess the big sacrifice here is screen real estate and my question is ... is the macbook pro so superior to the imac in function that it is worth sacrificing what amounts to 48 inches of screen and some portability? I don't really travel all that much but would be nice to move around the house. Presently I have no complaints about the speed. Except for the Visual Studio IDE and Outlook of course. Microsoft can't make a product that runs at the speed of WORK emulated or not. I used to use these products on an IBM thinkpad before I finally talked them into letting me switch back to the Apple ....giant culture hurdle at work but it worked out in my favor and now i just have to get all the needles for being the only developer with a Mac...haters.

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    As much as I always go for portability, screen real estate is so nice when working. I'm a bit biased cause my neck kills me if I try to do to much laptop work. I've been doing work on a maxed out iMac at work and I perfer it to my MPB, but when you need a coffee break the MBP comes in handy

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    If I had the choice you have, I would definitely go for the iMac with the large cinema display. Unless you have a specific need for a powerful traveling computer, stick with the iMac.

    BTW, who said the MBP was superior to the iMac? It may be superior to most other notebook computers on the market, but not a well equipped iMac.


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    GO MBP. Sorry, but being a PC user that can build, repair, and basically redo anything computer-wise, I need to call it what it is. The iMac is a large LCD with notebook parts behind it. Very nice, but a noteboo. The tempting part is the cinema display, but you are happy with your monitors.

    Since you are used to your workflow as it stands with your 2 24" monitors, go with the MBP with as nice a processor as they will allow and go from there. It is a portable powerhouse. You will not regret it.

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    Honestly, the answer probably depends on the particular MacBook model you're using now and the model Mackbook Pro they'd buy you.

    From what I've seen of the specs, at least with regard to the previous generation, the main advantages of the Pro are:

    * Bigger screen.
    * Discrete graphics.
    * Firewire 800.
    * 7200 RPM HDD option.
    * Higher CPU "ceiling".

    I've never thought they were worth the price premium. The 7200rpm HDD thing is big, but you can do that upgrade yourself. A bigger screen ~can~ be nice, but if you consider smaller size to be an advantage then its sort of a wash.

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