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    Angry Very disappointing in Apple Care service!
    I never thought i would be writing this right now, just because i have been satisfied with their service before hand. They have repaired my iMac with a faulty drive about a month ago. But right now, i have never been so ****** at apple service quality.
    Just to point out i live about 150 miles from the closest apple store. Well earlier this week, I have noticed a chip in my macbook (white) in the corner where the light turns on. Well, i guess this is a known problem and so i took it down to the apple store to get it repaired a few days ago. Well i got a call today telling me that its ready to be picked up. So i leave at around 5:00 and get there around 7:30Pm.
    So i walk in and tell the apple employee that im here to pick it up. He goes in the back and brings me back my macbook. I opened it up and i was pleased to see a new keyboard and trackpad, along with it all being bleach white. I was thinking at the time, Man, this is what i payed $250 for apple care.
    Then I clicked the trackpad button and bam, It was so screwed up. I looked at the trackpad and it wasnt even aligned right with the trackpad button. Then i tried clicking it and the right side didnt even click down! I was kinda like what? Then what topped it off, i called the apple employee over and he says "Well its kinda like buying used car parts", I was like WHAT? He walked away, but i didnt sign the release form. He comes back and i said, this isnt what i expected from service with apple. I then explained to him that if i would have known this was going to happen, i would have never brought it in. He then says, "well if its a problem i can take it back and see if they can do something." I said, "Well it would be nice if they can do something tonight, I didnt want to come down here for nothing." He comes back 10 minutes later and says that " Its going to take another day for them to release it to us with the button fixed because its its going to take time fixing it to apple standards." I was speechless; Then why did they call me in the first place if its not "apple standards". Then I drove back home empty handed.
    I understand that people make mistakes but everything was just piling up, i was just so angry. The employees were all rude, and how hard could it be to realign the trackpad with the case?? I dont know if i should call apple about this.. What should i do? I know im going to have to drive down there meaning i am going to be driving for about 600 miles before i have my macbook restored. (If they dont screw up again). So what should I do?

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    Sorry to hear of your problem, I dont think that Apples Q/C is as good as it should be, when we pay a premium price, both for new machines and the aftercare.
    I think that Apple needs to look into this, as Windows 7 is on the horizon! and some very nice hardware, at less cost

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    First of all, why on earth did you take it to an Apple Store if you live so far away from one?! AppleCare will gladly send you a return box for free, so you wouldn't need to drive so far. Sorry, just my first impression after reading your story.

    The saddest part is I can believe everything happened just like you said it did. Like you, I like Apple but I've had my ups and downs w/ them as well; thankfully, more ups than downs.

    The first thing I'd do is get ahold of the store manager, and explain the situation as calmly as possible. When you have him/her on the phone, explain that you want this resolved, and would like to file a complaint over how your "time was wasted" driving down there for something that was so "clearly botched." I would also not forget to mention the "used parts" comment, as well as being made to feel as though they're doing you a favor....their job is to fix the problem, period.

    If you do not get anywhere w/ the store manager, or they are anything less than empathetic, then I highly recommend contacting Apple Customer Relations and explain (in nauseating detail) exactly what happened. I would also make it a point to tell them the dates/times as well as names of people you had interaction with. Make it a point to praise those who actually tried to help before complaining about someone who didn't.

    Most of the "downs" that we (my fiance and I) have had w/ Apple have been with the retail store. In fact, one of their Genius' said the reason my BlackBook creaked is "...because it is cheaper than the Macbook Pro." Heh.

    It may be Apple Retail, but it's still retail...

    Let us know how it goes, make sure they treat you right.

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    i went to the apple store to ask about the macbook black and the lady had absolutely no idea what i was talking about... it's not the newest model so it doesnt exist???

    and yes call applecare right away! that is what you paid for.

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