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Thread: mbp problem

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    mbp problem
    here is my problem, I have a mbp that is out of apple care and i spilled coffee on the keyboard(arg.....). Anyway, now my d, x, and c keys no longer work. I looked at replacing keyboard however, that task seems daunting even though, I have a CS degree. I don't like the idea of opening up a $2000 laptop without being able to put it back together. So I was wondering if you knew of a utility that could remap the keyboard keys that don't work to ones that do.

    For example, I was thinkinig I would remap my broken d key to Fn + 5 so when I push Fn + 5(I) actually get a d.

    I know how to do this in windows as that is where I am more experienced but, I have no I idea how to do it in OS 10.4

    I have tried a couple of utilites to no avail including: DoubleCommand

    If you could help me out in this matter I would very much appreciate it.



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    Remapping keys is only a band aid fix and temporary at that. Coffee is one of the worse liquids to spill as it contains acid which will eventually cause more problems for your MBP. Since the logic board resides below the keyboard you may run into other difficulties.

    Bite the bullet and get your MBP repaired. While you're deciding, make a backup of all your data to an external drive preferably using something like Time Machine, SuperDuper, or Carbon Copy Cloner.

    Take a look here for cost of repairs: MacService – Apple Repair, Mac Repair, Apple Laptop Repair – Nationwide Mail–In 24 hour Repairs and Upgrades for Mac Laptop Computers.

    They're not inexpensive but less than taking it in to Apple.


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