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    Startup Problem-Mac HD Not Detected
    My MacBook (Intel, 15 months old), froze while I was using it and then I had to forcibly shut it down by holding down the Power button.

    After that it just didn't start up. A flickering Question mark was all I was met with.

    I do not have a Leopard installation DVD- to install Leopard, I boot from a USB drive with the Leopard installation on it. It booted fine when I plugged it in and I went for Utilities-->Disk Utility and I discovered that the Mac HD was still not listed.

    I could not run the Apple Hardware Test with the Leopard installation and I inserted the Tiger Install DVD 1 and ran the AHT. Pics have been attached:

    [1]- AHT Results
    [2]- Hardware Profile
    [3]- Startup Disk

    The AHT results tell me that there is no problem with the MacBook's hardware and I should check the software.

    But the profile doesn't list the Mac HD at all.

    And neither does the Startup Disk.

    Maybe there is a similar post already in this forum, But I didn't search for it. I'm sorry about that.

    I welcome suggestions to overcome my problem, considering the fact that Techtool Pro reported that there was no problem with the Mac HD after an intensive scan which included a surface scan.

    And I didn't drop the notebook either.
    Best Regards
    Suresh Kumar
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    Your hard drive is probably defective and needs to be replaced. If it can't be detected by Disk Utility, there's not much you can do. It's probably best to replace the hard drive. You can remove the old hard drive and place it in an external enclosure and try to extract your data from it that way. You can also purchase specialized software that possibly can save your data.

    Here's one you can look at:

    Hard Disk/Drive Data Recovery Software, Repartition Mac, Recover Hard Drive Data & Files


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