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    My iBook has a fan!
    Well, I always knew it was in there, but today was the first time I've ever heard it come on. Now it has me slightly worried about internal temps., so I may look into some sort of ventilated platform/docking station (since it stays on my desk most of the time). Any suggestions?

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    not sure how great it is but i have seen ads in plenty of magazines and looks like what you are looking for

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    My fan comes on all the time in my powerbook.. I am definitely not worried about it though and I doubt that you should be either. iBooks run quite a bit cooler than the powerbooks so I wouldnt give it a second thought..

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    I have an iBook and a Powerbook. As Murlyn has noted the Powerbook runs hotter than the iBook. My Powerbook fan comes on quite a bit. Whereas my iBook, I don't hear it that often. Just make sure you don't block the vents, and you should me all right.

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    I use a Tragus Chill Mat and it helps to keep it under 130F mostly when playing UT2003 or Vendetta. I have to say it helps a lot when i use it from the very begining, ifi just connect it when the iBook is already over 130F it takes time to cool down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Just make sure you don't block the vents, and you should be all right.
    I concur.

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    What kind of surface did you have your iBook on at the time? Because whenever I have my iBook on and laying on the bed, that is the only instance the fan comes on.

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    yea guys .. no worries about cooling system in ibooks !
    and by the way padawan i was worried like u !
    so i chose to buy the tray cooler but mine runs with 2 big fans !! 3000 rpm and uses a usb to start and it gives u a free 3 usb slots !

    its nice !!
    maraya nice cooling tray !

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