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    White Spots, Keyboard+Trackpad Freeze-ups, and $1250 Logicboard bill?
    First post here so apologies on the length.. Originally bought my CTO MBP Jan of 08. In Feb 08 I spilled coffee on it and they had to replace the logicboard and keyboard, paid $800 for that and it was fine.

    Mid 08 had the keyboard and trackpad freeze up on me and was completely unresponsive. Tried the reset pram, usb keyboard bit, and then had to have the logicboard replaced by Apple. Cost 0. Still under warranty..

    Now: Have had white blotches on the screen where the LCD can shine through. In addition, on Monday had yet another keyboard and trackpad issue where I couldn't do anything on it except for a USB input device (keyboard/mouse).

    Brought it in today and they told me that they'd replace the Logicboard for the 3rd time and replace the screen, top case and keyboard for the white blotches. They called me today and quoted me a $1250 fee for replacing the logic board since the 3rd party RAM I purchased from OWC had a metal tab and that might've hit the logic board and it causing the freezes.

    They said they'd repair the display, top case and keyboard since it's under warranty, but the logic board is my call. Really? $1250?

    The RAM was installed Feb 08 and when they replaced the board on the 2nd visit, think they would've told me then w/out replacing it?

    Any help here? Thoughts? Logic Board Experts?


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    For about $700 more, you can get a New MBP. I wouldnt replace the Logicboard for $1250. Not worth it in my opinion.

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    Ask them why the ram problem was not pointed out first time round.

    It's possible they damaged the ram when they replaced the logic board.

    They may agree to meet you half way with the cost.

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