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    [HELPP!!!] - Macbook ram up to 4.0gb?!
    Hey guys,

    i'm upgrade a friend's macbook tomorrow as I know how the process is done. I just wanted to know something...

    as i was shopping for ram on the net, i stumbled upon these:

    what do you guys think? will this work for a late 2007 macbook (these can recognize up to 4gb of ram)

    The only thing i know is that if its ddr2-667, pc5300, it will work work with macbooks regardless of the ram company. All rams these days are reliable no matter what brand you go with.

    - marloon

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    I tried your link, and it seems there's no such site, at least for me. I upgraded mine to 4 GBs not too long ago from Memory upgrades, flash media, and usb storage at I got a 4 GB kit for $54 from them. They work like a charm too.

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