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    Total RAM upgrade
    Hi all,
    I want to upgrade the ram in my powerbook. I would like to put 2Gigs in. I know that the "more internal" DIMM is hard to replace. Can anyone direct me to a complete parts blow-up of the 15-inch powerbook, or direct me to a place that has a manual of how to tear the powerbook down to access the two DIMMs.


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    Doesn't yours take two 1 gig sticks anyway? Why tear it apart if you don't need too? You have two 256 sticks in it now right or just one 512 stick?
    That is according to your computer specs.

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    two 256 dimms,
    which sucks, because to do 2 gigs, I need to get two DIMMs...

    so going from the manuals online, i am guessing I can not change the "more internal" DIMM, only the one that is under the external cover?

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    When I got my PB it had 256, bought a 1 gig stick, this runs photoshop just great, got the stick for $200, lifetime guarantee,

    you could sell one stick or keep it for backup.
    I don't really understand if you were gonna do 2 gig anyway tearing your pb open, why not just put them it the slots where the 256s are?
    you don't need pairity in powerbooks.

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    well, the reason I though I would have to tear my PB apart, was because the "other" slot, was internal...

    there is only one slot under the door on the bottom of the notebook right? I think i am just going to get a gig stick. I need something to run photoshop better...and of course UT2004

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    Have you ever open it up? You have two slots. How old is your powerbook? The 12" has the internal memory not the 15"

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    Ohhh, ok.

    I have a pretty darn new 15" Aluminum Powerbook (specs to the right).

    No, I haven't opened up the RAM slot to look at the slots. So, from what you are saying, when I take that little cover off, I should see two sticks of RAM?


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