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    Hey guys,

    I'm new here so bare with me. My company gave me an old Macbook G4 and it only has 71GB total usable space, 10GB of which is taken up by various editing tools and software. I just purchased a Western Digital 500GB laptop hard drive from NewEgg.c*m and have heard really good things about it. I've never seen a 500GB Macbook for sale and would definitely be attracted to it if i saw it. I'm wondering if any of you could tell me realistically what you would consider forking out for a really good condition Macbook G4 with 1G ram and 500G hard drive. Possibly upgraded to 10.5 leopard. I've seen ebay Macbooks with 100GB drives sell for $600+. I was thinking i could sell this to get a new Macbook Pro.


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    Is it an iBook G4 or a MacBook? There is no such thing as a MacBook G4. The iBook used the PowerPC G4 processor while the newer MacBook use Intel processors. Whether it is an iBook or MacBook will have a huge effect on what it is worth.

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    I'm sorry, It's a powerbook.

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