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    Best way to swap a HDD?
    I have a 250gb HDD that I am planning on putting into my macbook that has a 120gb HDD now... I'm hoping to avoid doing complete reinstalls of all the software on the macbook... My problem is I have the 120gb hard drive in the macbook now set up to 80gb for Mac OS and 40gb for the Windows partition... what is the best way to plop in the new hard drive and get back all the Mac stuff and all the windows stuff as it was before (though with more space)... most of the do it yourself stuff I see doesn't detail how to handle the macbooks where your doing MacOS and windows, only macbooks that appear to be totally MacOS.... am I missing something?

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    Last time I did it I made a full back up of my old system with timemachine, installed the new HDD following the ifixit instructions and then installed Leopard again. Once Leo is there you can import old settings and files from timemachine.

    I am pretty sure there was a bit more work to get everything like I had it before but it made things quite easy.

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