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    Dented aluminum casing - DVD drive affected
    So my computer is usually open at night (letting torrents d/l, ect.) and recently i noticed that something hit the area on the computer where your right hand rests while typing and i guess it dented the opening for the CD drive. CD's can still go in and run, but having them come out is kind of a problem. i have to kinda pry the opening open, wait for the CD to stick out a little, grab it, and pull it out. otherwise it will just go back in.

    so what do I do? I was thinking about taking the casing apart and bending the casing back to normal but for some reason i have a feeling i will make it worse and/or not be able to get it back together. for i have never taken a computer apart, let alone a notebook.

    so do i buy a new bottom case and have a shop install it?

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    Go here to price a new bottom case and instructions on how to replace it yourself: iFixit: iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories


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