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Thread: Which one should I buy mcbook 2,0 or 2,4?

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    Which one should I buy mcbook 2,0 or 2,4?
    Can't decide if I should get the 2,0 Ghz or the 2,4. Why pay the extra for 0,4 Ghz is it worth it?

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    If you don't you will be kicking yourself over the 20% you missed out on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkum13 View Post
    OMG is it that hard to use the Search button??????
    OMG is it that hard to be nice?

    I bought the new 2.4 MacBook and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy. You can't appreciate how nice a backlit keyboard is until you've got used to using one and then you use a laptop without.

    You probably won't notice a huge increase in speed between the two, but think of it as future proofing your investment as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khris View Post
    OMG is it that hard to be nice?
    Ok...when I re-read my statement it sounds much worse than I meant. My bad ........... But we do need a Search smiley

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    Gotta love the internet. It makes misunderstandings even bigger than they really are. Since you can't really tell if someone is being sarcastic unless it's really obvious.

    I do agree with using the search feature though. There are so many threads that ask the same questions over and over. People even ignore the stickies. T_T"""

    Well for the 2.4GHz you get slightly better CPU power, and a backlit keyboard. I think it's worth the extra money. Although you probably should get what you can afford. ^-^"

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    I own the 2.0 and am extremely happy I didn't get the 2.4. The 2.0 is lightning fast and you will not notice a difference in speed unless you have the two of them next to each other and have a stopwatch. Even then you are talking 3-10 seconds depending on what you are doing.

    Here is the link to benchmarks compairing both models:


    It comes down to this, do you want 90GB bigger hard drive and backlit keyboard for 300 extra dollars?

    Yes or no?

    If yes, get the 2.4.

    I personally have a 500 GB external HD I use so space is of no importance to me. I would say that you should upgrade the RAM to 4 GB as I did especially if you plan on installing Windows via Boot Camp, VM Fusion, or Parallels.

    This is my post in the other thread mentioned earlier if you haven't glanced at them:

    "After reading all of the threads about 2.0 vs. 2.4 I can now post with confidence that the 2.0 GHz has more than enough processor speed to accomplish a myriad of tasks at one time. With 4GB of RAM I am utilizing 10-15% of CPU and 2.13 GB RAM at my maximum usage thus far (transfer of 35 GB of music onto Macbook Alum and then putting them in iTunes while running to test speed 10 other programs. I would recommend that if you are torn between the two get the 2.0 GHz with upgrade in RAM, it is plenty fast and has ample memory. You will not regret it."

    Hope this helps.
    MacBook Aluminum 2.0 GHz, 160GB HD, 4GB RAM
    iPhone 3G 16GB Black
    iPod Nano 2GB

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    Thanks' for all the good answer!

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