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skee 12-08-2008 02:20 PM

normal operating temp for old black macbook?
Hi I was wondering what the normal op temp for my macbook is. Sometimes it can get quite hot and I am starting to worry. I've already had my original HD fail because of heat. BTW don't leave your macbook on over night, only to find the fan blowing full blast in the morning, and the blinking question mark folder of death. But sometimes my macs core temp can get to 150-160(F) when I'm only using safari/youtube. I even made a stand to elevate the back and put a computer case fan behind it to blow cold air underneath. That helps decrease the heat by about 10-15 degrees. If someone could tell me what the normal op temp is thanks.

JGruber 12-08-2008 02:49 PM

I don't think there is a 'Normal' temp. It all depends on what you are doing, I know mine sitting idle hovers around 100deg or so. I have seen it get as hot as 145deg or so, but than the fans start going and it cools right down.

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