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    Talking Need to Expand Hard Drive space-recommendations?!
    Hey guys- I'm a relatively new Mac owner (Sept last year) and I have about 4.5 gigs of HD space left. What do you recommend I could do to expand? I can't get another laptop but maybe some kind of portable hard drive? Is there a hard drive that could strictly house my ITUNES collection, because THAT'S what's killing my hard drive space. And then when it needs to update my ipod or what have you, it could connect to that hard drive? Any help is appreciated here, sorry I'm such a n00bie!! Thanks you guys!

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    You can either install a larger internal hard drive in your MacBook or buy a big enough external drive and offload all your music to it. Installing a larger internal drive requires backing up everything first to an external anyway, so you might just as well buy the external.

    Shop around at the local computer stores in your area. Lots of great bargains for large USB hard drives are out there.


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    If you need something fast in HDD I would choose between the two here.

    If you don't need speed, and you need a lot of space. Then I would look here.

    Make sure to read the reviews and do some research before buying. ^-^

    If you need a portable HDD I would look through this list here.

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    I got a 500GB internal HD replacement for $114.00 from newegg. Cheapest/best upgrade ever!

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    Western Digital HDD
    I want to upgrade my MacBook's hard drive. The best bet looks like a WD 320Gb 5,400 rpm job. However, i note that it does not have a motion/drop sensor.

    Will that matter? I get the idea that Mac has its own sensor.


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    I'd defiantly not go for a 5,400 rpm unit. For a slightly smaller capacity you can get a far quicker 7,200rpm HD. As for having a sensor or not, this will not make one jot of difference. I think the sensors normally are built into the HD unit and most makers now don't bother.

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