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    Jul 21, 2005
    when HD upgrade from 80GB to larger?
    I just got my MBA and I really love it! The one true drawback is the tiny HD. I saw some rumblings of possibly upgrading the HD in the future.

    Does anyone have any idea as to when this would happen?


    A Mac

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    I proposed a similar question a little while ago. Someone posted that there should be some alternatives available early next year.

    You could always get an external 2.5" HD and USB enclosure.

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    yeah, why don't you get an extern drive. (2.5")

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    Cool Externals
    Thanks for the suggestions. I did buy a 400GB external which holds everything, but I only have about 10GB open on my laptop. I had to put some videos onto external to have enough extra room.

    I guess I want everything in one spot. LOL I may gift it to my sister and splurge and get a 500GB Time Capsule and be truly wireless at home. My old router is slow and troublesome.

    Take care guys.

    A Mac

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