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    Issues with CD drive
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there knows anything that I might do to fix my issue with my CD drive. It no longer will accept any CD or DVD I put in it. It will go in half way but no farther. It makes no noise when I push the eject button. I have gone through the trouble shooting to see if anything helped, and nothing. Is it possible that while being in my backpack that something could have gotten jammed in there? Any ideas?

    MacBook OS 10.4.11

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    Does it make any noise at all? When you push a disk in, does it seem as if it is trying to suck it in but doesn't go all the way?

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    Angel, did you ever have any resolution to your problem? I am having a similar problem. I can push the CD in about half way and it doesn't make any noise like it is trying to suck it in. The only time it makes any noise is when you re-boot the computer.

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