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    Exclamation Fixing Flashing Display on (firewire) Ibook
    Well, i have a 440mhz, firewire ibook (graphite). Up until now, it has been flawless. Well, recently it has decided to loosen a connection inside and the built in display tends to flash, annoyingly. i can see the background, but these bars are in the way, and it flashes, and freeses then flases the bars again. Odd. I used the built in video and it worked fine. I figure that it must be a loose connection because of this working properly on the tv. If anyone has any info on the steps on how to take the older ibooks apart, would be appreciated. The only other thing i can add is that it was left in cold enviroment for not even a day, but not turned on. I also did drop it in the same area taday, cold that is. Any help is appreciated. :doctor:

    Thanks, Justin
    Imac, Therefore i am

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    I know there's at least one other site that i can't remember the URL to right now.

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