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    URGENT Powerbook 1400 RAM question
    Hey guys, I'm on a bit of a time crunch here to catch an ebay auction. I'm looking to expand my powerbook 1400cs ram. I currently have 48MB with the stock ram and one expanded card. that leaves room for one more card. If I get the 24MB ram will the powerbook recognize up to the 64MB limit or will it ignore the second card completely? Will this damage my computer in any way?

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    From Wikipedia:

    "The 1400 was easily upgradeable. System memory could be "piggy-backed" onto each other (another feature unique to the 1400), allowing for the use of additional RAM chips."

    It will probably reach its max and not read more than that

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    64MB is the maximum memory for that model. Usual combination was 1 x 16MB and 2 x 24MB. Chances are with the additional 24MB will just read it as a 16 and shows 64MB.

    Considering the processor is pretty slow, can be anything from 113 to 160MHz, the additional memory may not make that much difference. Thehy are a great machine the 1400 and reliable as all get out!

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