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Thread: Insert Bootable disc?

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    Insert Bootable disc?
    Hey all,

    So the other day I tried to use boot camp to put windows on my macbook (I had to do it to install a program for exams). Anyway, everything well all right but in the end I had to remove the partition because my version of windows was too old. So, I partitioned it, installed windows, realized it wasn't service pack 2, then deleted windows and removed the partition.

    My problem: whenever I boot up my machine it goes to a black screen and asks for me to insert a bootable disc (or something close to that, I can't remember exactly, but that's the gist). However, if I hold the option key down when I start up, it goes to the screen where I could select Mac OS (or when I had windows, I could select windows).

    Now it seems to me my computer THINKS I have a partition still or it still wants to open windows but windows is not there.


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    Heres what you need to do.
    1. Boot into OS X
    2. go to System Preferences
    3. Go to Startup Disk icon.
    4. Select OS X and then press the restart button. This will force it to boot from your OS X partion by default
    5. Boot OS X again, Go into Applications/Utilities run the boot camp assistent
    6. Choose Create or Remove Windows Partition
    7. Then choose restore.

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