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Thread: What would you guys suggest?

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    What would you guys suggest?
    ok, so i'm tired of carrying the MBP in my bag. with all the books it never quite fits perfectly, even with the computer bag i have. also, i hate carrying the power adapter with me and searching for a plug after my first class. so, i wonder if a 12" ibook would be worth picking up. especially since i can get one fairly cheap and have an extra battery in my pocket. would you guys recommend a G3 or a G4?? i'm only going to run a web browser, Word, PowerPoint and the occasional itunes/ movie in between classes. is this something worth looking into??
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    G4, without discussion
    Especially if it's an iBook
    Look carefully to the OS that it's running, and the minimum requested for (at least) the 10.4 because the previous OS are not supported by most of the programs
    BTW, I've a Powerbook 12 G4 still perfectly working and I have to say that it's a pleasure to bring it around

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    G4. You're better off getting a Titanium Powerbook in my honest opinion. But if you really want an iBook, I'd suggest a G4.

    I wouldn't bring a MBP to school anyways...I'd be too scared of getting it stolen!
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    I have a 1.33GHz 12" G4 iBook - the Mid '05 last generation model - great little machine and the one to go for in my opinion.

    You won't spend big money and it won't be as 'precious' as the MBP so you won't worry as much about it getting stolen/damaged. I bought mine off ebay.

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    You're better off getting a Titanium Powerbook in my honest opinion
    That would be even bigger than the MBP!

    If you can, I would go for a 12" PowerBook. Smaller than any iBook, faster, and just a great little machine. It would be more expensive than an iBook but still very affordable.

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