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    New Macbook Air (Late 2008) - help decipher specs
    Hi. I won a contest at a conference. They just sent me a new MacBook Air (late 2008 model). I am going to give this as a gift to a family member. But I do not know the specs. I do not want to open it up yet.

    The box has this:

    MB Air/1.6ghz/128

    I get the 1.6ghz, of course. But the 128 is throwing me off. Only thing I can think of is it is the 128GB solid state drive.


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    Well if you look on Apple's website it says that the 1.6 ghz model of the Macbook Air has a 120 GB hard drive. So not sure what that 128 might mean.
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    The 128 refers to the the Solid State HD. 128GB.

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    Yup - 128GB sold state drive from Apple - Nice gift!

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    Yes it is the 128 ssd drive but when you turn it on you will find is only 113 gigs. this is a long story but it is correct. Nice prize, congrats. I had to pay $2600 for mine but I love it.

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