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Thread: Some early issues

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    Some early issues
    So I got the new macbook no more then a month ago and now what is happening is when I close it to put it to sleep, I open it back up and the screen is just black. I have to hold the power button to restart it. I wouldn't think anything of it but it keeps on happening.
    So I went to an Apple store today to find out what is going on and turns out I had to make an appointment for saturday....This has happened to me before with my iPod but for some reason today it just ticked me off.

    [It takes three days to be seen just so they can tell me nothings wrong with it.
    I think it is ridiculous how the apple service department works: They need to rework it to make it more convenient for people. I am genuinely irritated at this because I spent a lot of money on this thing and the "genius bar" is there to service people, so far they have done nothing for me

    Has anybody else experienced this problem when closing then opening this macbook?
    And if so what can they do for it?

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    I use InsomniaX to prevent mine from sleeping and then always leave the screen open enough for proper ventilation.

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    I have had mine just about a month now so I am not an expert, but when it does that I just hit the escape key and it wakes up.

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