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    what to do, what to do with a powerbook 1400cs
    Hey guys, first time here. Hopefully you can give me some fun projects with my new powerbook. Not new to mac but i've only been a mac user for about a year and a half.

    Anyway, just got hold of a powerbook 1400cs after an electronics recycling drive. Seems to be in great condition with mostly upgraded parts. 333MHz G3 processor according to Metronome, 48MB ram, low end 750 MB HDD, and I think the standard 6x CD-ROM.

    Now this laptop was a little before my time (I was certainly born but I wasn't really doing anything with computers). Also technology has advanced considerably and I'm just starting to get into hardware stuff (mods, upgrades, custom builds etc.). So I wondered if you guys had any cool projects/suggestions on what to do with my new toy.

    Here's a few in particular I've wondered about on my own or after googling a little:

    I definitely want to add wireless capability. I'm sure I'm limited to 802.11b but that's sufficient, this is really only something fun to use. However, will it still be possible to get the right cards (used or new) and if so any recommendations on buying or completing this process? Most recent tutorial I could find was from like '04 and 4 years is forever in computer years.

    Also should I upgrade to Mac OS 9 (assuming I can find a copy)? Or maybe a linux distro?

    Any other suggestions? Favorite old school games/programs? Other projects? Thought about adding a touchscreen. Always wanted to try adding one but didn't want to potentially trash a notebook I'd paid a lot for, like my shiny MBP.

    So what have you got?


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    I believe you can put a 3GB hard drive in a Powerbook 1400 which would allow you to run OS 9 very easily. However what you want to do with it is up to you. 48MB of RAM will kill you with anything besides simple word processing and very, very, very light web-browsing.
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